About Me

Karthik Raghavarapu

Founder Planatb.com, a one-stop shop for anyone interested in learning video editing. I believe that understanding the concepts is more important than studying the methods in order to be able to turn your thoughts into art. As a result, rather than making decisions for you, you will become a better decision maker.

I own a YouTube Channel with over 50+ video tutorials, and I am grateful to our 1 lakh+ subscribers for supporting me in my mission to empower creatives and encourage them to keep creating!

Things that make me proud

Video editor with certification

I've earned over 5 video editing certificates, including one from Adobe.


I am grateful to have 100 lakh+ subscribers on my channel

One on One Zoom Classes

I've taught over 200 students personally online and helped them earn a fair living with their talents.


I am grateful to have 190+ followers on my Instagram